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Why do people read blogs, interesting bio's? A peek inside someone else's life? A snip-it of life outside their own? Gossip? Who knows what brought you here but I'm glad you stopped by. If you're looking for a "how to be a housewife", you picked the wrong blog. What you'll find here is the ramblings of my mind, good, bad, funny and naggy!

Scroll on down and see what all I've been up to lately, it's more than you probably think!

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I have lots of things I am selling myself on but one thing is 100% sold. It's The Journey, the non profit that puts on The Georgia 2-Day Walk for Breast Cancer. Having a mom, a mother in law, an Aunt In Law and Cousin In Law as survivors as well as my maternal Grandmother, someone who didn't beat it, we chose this cause as our main attraction. All four of us walk 30 miles annually and work throughout the year to raise awareness and money for The Georgia 2-Day. Won't you take a look and see how you too can be involved. 

We host an annual fundraising dinner, which is coming up 8/17/19 (message for details). You can be a table sponsor, a t-shirt sponsor, a raffle donor or a funds donor. We love every type of support. 


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