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An official look into the mind of one determined lady!

carrie on and Prosper

You have landed on a page full of my thoughts and abilities!

When I first began to publish on this site it was a blog, a place where my thoughts could land and be seen by whomever. Today, I find myself in a more successful stage of life and a place where I can share some of my knowledge with any person who chooses to visit. A little background, I have forever wanted to become a Realtor® and until challenged by a friend in late 2019 I never took my desire serious enough to act on it. We plowed through school and today I find myself successful and enjoying the decision I made not so long ago. I have been fortunate to help multiple clients through the buying and selling process of real estate in Georgia. On this site it's my goal to share with you some of the amazing people I call "partners". These are the folks that are woven within my business who help me make your transaction a positive and successful experience.  I also have a bit of my story telling on here as I do enjoy writing from time to time and some of my passions. So in all, it's a landing page of my never slowing brain activity. 

I hope that by engaging on this page you will find that I can help you achieve success in your needs for a Realtor. By aligning myself with professionals who can get us to the closing table!

As I continue to build this site, know that my goal is to have links to each of my partners as well as the listings I currently have and some I would just like to share with you. It's a work in progress!

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My Current listings

Maybe it's a house, maybe it's land. No matter what type of real estate you're looking to buy or sell, I can assist you. Since fall of 2019 I have been helping clients find their first homes, their last homes, sell their current or search for land.  Being a Realtor, I work by a code of ethics representing my clients and maintaining a level of loyalty that helps them and only them. This is a career that has been decades in the making. I was born for this, my parents can attest to my always selling something and they are clients. On both sides, buying and selling. 

In 2023 I was awarded the Agent of the Year award by my brokerage. In 2022 I was awarded the Brokers Agent of the Year award. I have spent these last few years working very hard to accomplish my goals while helping people turn the page and begin the next chapter. 

If I can be of assistance to you, please do not hesitate to reach out to me. 

Search my current listings here. 

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listen up, folks

I'm a licensed Realtor® and I have a lot to share with you! Please help me spread the word, my goal is to take good care of you or anyone you refer to me in securing the home of their dreams or selling their current home. 

I am blessed to have some amazing friends I can partner with to help in the process. If you need a contractor, an inspector, an insurance agent, a mortgage lender...I've got friends in GREAT PLACES.

RE/MAX Around Atlanta East is my new home, call me today and lets see what we can accomplish together!

Cell 404-787-4802

Office 770-922-4222

Reach out to my preferred lenders- As a now experienced agent I know that the relationships I build with preferred lender is key to closing. Yes, our clients have to do their part but I want to partner with lenders whom I trust. When they say "we're headed to closing", I know it's happening without doubt!

Jaime Taylor of Homeowners Financial Group has a wonderfully professional yet kind demeanor and unequivocal ability to get my clients to the closing table. She will work with you to make sure you're ready for this commitment and to get the best rates available. 

Office 678-893-6409

Cell 770-318-0869 

Aaron Conyers of Southeast Mortgage is also my top lender to refer clients to. Aaron also has a very professional and friendly nature that will meet all of your needs. Our goal together is to close loans giving you the home of your dreams. 

Office 770-279-0222 ext. 337

Cell 404-374-4978

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