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Are you a plucker or waterier?

Our days turn into nights sometimes before we know it, this has been happening to be a lot lately as we had a very busy April and May. My routines got off and although the most important things always got done, I found that it was myself that I was forgetting. I was forgetting to be my own gardener, forgetting that for me to have the type of production I prefer both in business and self-improvement day in and day out, I needed to water myself. Watering myself sounds weird so the analogy should probably be forgotten but I think you get the point. I have a habit of starting and or finishing each day by listing at least 10 things I’m thankful for, you know this already if you follow my blog. It helps me remember the little things such as catching all the red lights or that smile that Mrs. Thelma gave me, the 92-year-old I would love to be like one day. Sometimes it’s the biggest of things like my nephew landing safely in the war-stricken country he is now deployed to where he will continue living his dreams as an ARMY soldier. Whether big or small, being thankful and writing that down helps me live a fuller life, one I can be proud of even if always in an ever-changing flow of growth.

This leads me to asking are you a waterier or a plucker? See the picture attached? That spoke to me on so many levels, how I treat others being number one. I have come a long way in the last ten years, still evolving every day, just how I like it. But where I used to be filled with so much ignorance towards others, expending my negative energy making fun of people for any reason, instead of spinning it into any positive I could notice. I have come to be the person who says, “smile at strangers, you may be the only one who does today.” Having this mind set has made me see things differently, allowed me into the minds of total strangers so to speak and to think about what they could be going thru before looking at them with the RBF, you may have to look that up. So, I’ve become a waterier, I try to water the flowers I pick as opposed to just plucking them and waiting for them to dry out. We’ve always heard that saying, “he thinks the grass is greener on the other side.” I tend to think more in the spirit of “water your own grass before you check to see how green it is across the fence.” I have found that when I spend time trying to love and nurture people and things I care about I am giving a piece of me in a way that says they too can share kindness like a gift. I love my tribe, my home, my pets, my family, simply "plucking" them isn't enough.

Now with all that said, I still maintain a good sense of humor and if I see you dressed like the people of Wal-Mart, smoking a cigarette while trying to light fireworks with your light beer in your other hand… that’s generally your own fault and well, you can’t fix stupid!

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