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Running towards my goals...

I have always thought of myself as driven and push myself towards goals. Some I have left halfway in because I've seen a bigger picture that wasn't so attractive. Others have fallen by the way-side due to circumstances beyond my control but...issue me a challenge and GAME ON! Taking you back to July when my girlfriend, who works in the same downtown building as I do came barreling through the door and announced she was going to real estate school and my husband telling me if I wanted it bad enough I'd find a way. Well, as previously mentioned in another post, I found that way.

Last Thursday I took and passed the class exam and drove to Savannah on Sunday for the state exam on Monday. After over an hour of the computers being down and with only 5 minutes to spare before being forced to reschedule, the heavens opened up and I began my test. Reading every question at least twice, the last sentence of each three times and the answers a few as well I managed to finish that 157 question nail biter in a little over two of the four hours allowed. I took my paperwork in and began the waiting process of hearing the news. Now that I'd passed the class half the fear was gone, I could take the state test as many times as I could fork over the buck-twenty. That 75 hour class was a different story. Seven weeks of family sacrifice, way too many miles driven and a price tag of $429 only to be allowed two chances. There was no way in hell I was failing that. Time is still slowly ticking by, the brunt of the computer issues were fixed but the results had to be emailed to the lady who then had to print them for me. Tapping my foot, having to pee like a race horse I waited to hear my name. She calls me to her desk and hands me the folded over piece of paper fresh from her printer. A horrible picture of myself was what caught my eye as I scanned over it hoping to see the results I drove all the way to Savannah for...the type was small and I couldn't see it.

I sit down in the next stops chair and wonder if she's going to collect money to reschedule me for my retake when she smiles and says, CONGRATULATIONS! My eyes welled up with happy tears and I just felt a thousand pounds release from my shoulders. All of the hours away from my family, the money spent on food, gas, hotel, schooling and the test, all of the eye burning, neck aching, brain space filling info I had to learn stuck and I did it. At that very moment I felt so accomplished. You see, what might seem simple to some was hard to me, I have a 44.5 year old brain at work and I try to dump anything useless I hear. I'd spent seven weeks learning info everyone in the industry assured me I would NEVER use again. Thus making it harder to keep tucked away in the lower corner of my brain until test days. I am so proud of myself, I chased that goal and obtained it. Today I chose the brokerage firm in which I will "hang my license" and with that step under my feet I am just about ready to be at your service. I am thrilled, I am humbled by the support and I am excited for what running after my goal is going to bring to my family.

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