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The times, they are a changing

Busy has been the understatement as of late. I have been blessed beyond my own ability to process and I have the one and only to be thankful to, God. Over the last year and a half or so since I've last posted my real estate career has catapulted ahead at lighting speed and I've worked my tail off, organization being key. My family and I made it through the 2020 pandemic, mostly unscathed, definitely blessed. Many of our friends and family not as fortunate but our being responsible and trying to work through it diligently kept us in a good head space. As I look back now I wonder, what were the days like when the flu hit, did people panic or did they not know to because they didn't have so much information in their faces on the constant, be it true, false or part of the narrative. Thinking of where things are today I find myself shying away from books and movies that are pandemic based, we lived through it why would I want to spend my precious little free time watching or reading even more, especially the fictitious options?

What I have done is continue to educate myself in real estate and work hard to make certain that my name is getting out there in a positive light. I consider myself a transparent, honest person who can walk my clients through what is likely the largest purchase of their lives with integrity and grace. With that said, I am also going to work hard to create content that encourages people to aim high, look up and remember God's grace will continuously provide for us. He is our greatest supporter and in our current environment it seems like that is beginning to fall by the way side. I've found a devotional when scrolling Instagram that a friend posted about, New Morning Mercies by David Paul Tripp. Since August 2021 I have begun nearly every morning reading both the devotion and the Bible reference he points out and then spending some time reflecting on how it relates to my life. I've found peace in this morning ritual and I am forever grateful for that little post from social media that wasn't hidden because it didn't fit a narrative. It's time to get back to the basics in life, God is that firm foundation for me that we all need to feel safe on, encourage your friends and family to remember that. I feel like it's kept my thoughts more pure and my goals in check daily. Speaking of goals, I hope that you'll think of me when you or someone you know is in the market for a Realtor, I would love to have the opportunity to share all I've learned with you and accompany you at the closing table.

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