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At this point in my life...

As a young person, I was ruthless at times, a lot of times, just ask my sisters. My mom would probably never admit it and my dad would focus on payback I’ve received as a mother. I went through the normal teenager rudeness that I have now been through with my own children but sometimes it was above and beyond. As an adult, it has served as my foundation of change throughout the last few decades. We all go through periods of change within our lives, that’s a good thing in my opinion. In fact, it’s good to look at our lives, our attitudes towards our lives and reevaluate periodically. I personally can remember specific times within my life when what I said or did was a remarkable moment that initiated change on my part. Happiness is a choice, we see it often, people who are down and out are at times the happiest people we will ever see, and people just can’t understand it. You wake up each day and know that you have the option to make the best of our circumstances or we can choose to put our heads down and focus on the worst. In my opinion, choosing the happiness route makes for an all-over better life experience for yourself and those around you.

Lately, I’ve found myself going down social media rabbit holes that I shouldn’t. They tend to make me think differently about people because of the generalization of their public thoughts. I think people have lost the understanding of perception and how their thoughts are perceived by others. When someone publicly chastises groups of people be it neighbors, religious organizations, a community, friends, state/public leaders and their followers etc. they do need to think of who all they are encompassing in that general statement. When I read such and some or parts touch home, it honestly makes me feel much differently on how I choose to spend time with that individual. It’s like lifting a veil and showing someone’s inner soul.

When I see some of the outright hatred or jealousy on public platforms, I find myself thinking that the writer must be deep down, unhappy. Where that unhappiness truly lies is of course unknown but it’s infectious to those surrounding. Just think about all the soapboxes we see on social media and the passion behind all the banter. There are times that I think the devil himself is typing out such responses. At some point in recent history we have seen so many people judging folk on their political stances, religious beliefs, sexual orientation and so much more. All of which are feelings that come from within, not something that can always be seen from the outside. Forget judging the book by its cover, people are digging deeper and deeper to find reasons someone, or some group should be ousted.

I once saw a meme that stated, “don’t judge me because I sin differently than you do.” With that said, I have tried to keep my views of a lot of things to myself as well my thoughts on individuals who think differently than me. I would never want someone to feel that I think they are beneath me because their beliefs are different than mine. However, when someone goes so far to publicly denounce people or groups of opposing views it tends to raise question of that person’s character on my behalf. It makes me sit back and reflect on myself and my ability to change over the years and become the person I am today. One who is accepting of people, no matter how different they may be from me. I have found that I choose not to chastise such people who are working so hard to bash others. Rather, I choose who I spend my time with. I think long and hard about how I spend the little free time that I have. Family, friends who show kindness, love and grace. Clients whom I can help turn a page into their futures and colleagues who also have a desire to help people. Most of all I have found myself spending more and more time with God. Revitalizing my relationship with Him and listening to hear His guidance.

Choosing happiness and grace to carry me through these times and working hard not to fall into the traps of social media rabbit holes. At this point in my life I ask you, where are you going? What is helping you to stay afloat and with whom do you choose to spend your free time.

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