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Carrie Me Home...

Another day, another adventure! About 6 weeks ago I decided to broaden my spectrum a little more and dive into the world of Real Estate. It's something I've always wanted to attempt and test my ability to find success. So here I am more than half way through the schooling, I have determined that I can still learn by teaching. I'm pretty surprised because as I recall the first couple nights, I was feeling like I'd just bitten off way more than I could chew. There is so much to learn and just like most lessons in life, most of what we learn is due to someones negligence. You know, like that ole, don't use your hair dryer in the bathtub sticker you see on hair dryers... That's clearly there because in our sue happy society, someone has done it, found out the dangers the hard way and probably found a lawyer who realized they could make bank.

Lot's of laws, lots of math and a million vocabulary terms that mean about 500k things. Yup you read that right, about half the words are followed by OR and the second term that means the same thing. So much information and for what, so I can change the world as a real estate agent. Not necessarily because we keep hearing, you'll never use this info again. What the heck! Why take 75 hours to teach all this if it's not necessary? Remember the hair dryer, because some nimwit decided rules didn't apply to them so there are many things that need multiple examples on what not to do!

My goal here is to continue to seek success for my family, to pay down any debt and to create time freedom and a pillow soft cushion. Time freedom kind of sounds like a oxymoron in the real estate world because all we hear is how much agents work. But by design, I am extremely efficient and organized and am very good at setting boundaries. For me, this will be a test of my abilities to challenge the norm and create a business that provides superior customer service backed up by efficiency and doing things right the first time. Cutting corners never saves steps, it creates more. So think of me when you're tired, think of my hour commute each way to my full time job, then 40 minute drive to school until 10pm three nights a week and that commute home all while running a side gig, meal planning for my family in my absence, keeping up with my girls and husband, finding time to study and oh yeah coordinating a move of my office. Tell me, why do you not think your worth a temporary sacrifice? I never thought I could or would chose to manage such a schedule. After all I am that award winning mom who didn't put her kids in 15 sports each all so we could eat that incredibly healthy fast food every night and wash clothes all weekend. I chose to sacrifice this time for all of us, I chose to try and create linage of success for my girls to fall into if they needed. I chose to sacrifice time away from my partner in crime, my best friend, my husband and that's been one of the hardest parts. I chose to Carrie Me Home, and you can too!

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