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For everything there is a season...

Have you ever been one to say "I'll NEVER...", well that's me too! I always thought when I stepped into real estate I would maintain a professional relationship with a small brokerage. I didn't need to fall for what the big companies were selling, just stay small and grow from there. Well, around my 4th anniversary in the business I decided to fall back on my word, I made a big change. I'm now working with a small brokerage under a giant balloon, or umbrella, whatever you'd prefer to call it. I prefer to call it a very good move. I have joined RE/MAX Around Atlanta East, a powerhouse brokerage with a small group of very successful agents. Since our big move to Monroe, GA in May of 23 I have grown more distant from my former brokerage, mostly due to location. That move to Monroe was no where on our radar in 2022 much less the beginning of 23' but it happened and along with that change some others needed to follow.

I spent four very successful years building my reputation in this field and felt it was time to write the next chapter. I'm excited for the change and know the timing was God sent, spoken to me in words I could hear loud and clear. I am thrilled to give my clients the same professional assistance as I did before with more reach into the world of real estate. Just remember, next time you say to yourself or even out loud, "I'll NEVER..." keep in mind that sometimes, God has bigger plans and you'd better be open to those nudges.

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