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So I overdid it, today's a new day!

I’m totally down with y’all who believe in body

Every day, this is how I start, keeping it is the challenge!

, I do to, I positively believe I like to eat there for I’m positively fat! I have recently lost 40lbs, gained back now about 7 because I fell off my routine. Don’t we all do that in life at some point or another? We become very regimented about what it is we do on a daily basis and then a trip, an illness, a family crisis or a rainy day throws off our routine and we fail to remember that we can start fresh in the next breath. WHY, do we feel like we must wait until Monday, next week, after the holidays etc.? Who knows but for me, it started over today, just an ordinary Tuesday.

This morning, after sleeping horribly because I need a new mattress, another topic of discussion for any day but a Tuesday, I woke up with an altered frame of mind. I’ve decided to get back in my healthy groove. Stay away from processed carbs like bread, crackers, chips etc. Fuel my body from the earth as much as possible including a gallon of water a day, more veggies than fruit and cut back on alcohol. It’s been an exhilarating week and we have said cheers more times than I can count. During the hot months my beverage of choice is Tito’s and Grapefruit, vodka in general lighter in calories but any juice magnifies the sugars. So, back to my weekend permitted drinking, my weekend may fall on Thursday/Friday or Friday/Saturday or Saturday/Sunday, but my intention is to stick to two days.

I despise exercising anything other than my brain but know the importance and I need to get busy in that are a too, but not on a Tuesday LOL! One step at a time right…I started today with a video about making decisions and how our brains are wired to counter act good decisions within five seconds if they make you uncomfortable or are difficult. You have a very short window of time where your idea turns to action before your brain sabotages your good intention. We naturally want to check out when the going gets tough, we have a bad moment eating and follow that up with bad decision after bad decision. Before we know it, we are 7lbs heavier because we let one bad decision snowball into fifty. So today, I make my decisions one at a time thinking about how my last one was smart and supportive of my goals and be sure the next one is too. So go on, blow the snow out of your hands and don't make the ball, instead watch the bad decisions take flight and know that you are free. Time to fill up my H2O!

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