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If you build it, they will come...

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

Is that catchy to you? It sure is to me and the more time in this glorious life I get under my belt the more weight I put into that simple phrase. As a kid, I grew up with parents that did for others whether it was family, neighbors, church friends etc. because that is what they were taught. They were always as helpful as they could be, never boastful, just helpful. That struck a chord with me but not really until I was older, a mother maybe, but older. Six years ago our early teenage daughters pointed out a Breast Cancer walk that they wanted to support. Having my mother in law as a survivor was an easy reason to support this not to mention count less friends and my maternal grandmother, not so fortunate all those years ago, all of which helped us get behind this incredible organization.So on a chilly, rainy Sunday morning we headed out to Atlantic Station in the city to watch our friends cross the finish line, this my friends, is where it all began.

The following summer we began the "journey" with our oldest daughter, Presley raising money and awareness for It's The Journey, a Georgia based foundation that provides support to those living in Georgia. Powered by just six staff members this amazing group makes sure that all of the raised funds are used here in Georgia. No flashy CEO salaries or brick and mortar's to push that money towards as opposed to the cause. They help lead men AND women to the proper channels for preventative measures as well as needs during treatments for Breast Cancer. We have been honored to partner with them. Little did we know, just a year after our first walk my mother would be diagnosed and undergo a double mastectomy, it was devastating and fueled our fires even more. Adding Parker to the mix as well as my sister and her husband that year it was quickly becoming not only a community event but also a family affair. My parents meeting us at the finish line along with some beloved friends and other family brought us so much joy. You cannot imagine the ugly cry that came out of me as I met my moms hug, a new survivor at the finish line.

Now as a family of four walking for this incredible organization we set goals and work hard to reach them. For months we move toward a goal of making a difference. As your feet hit the pavement you realize the hallowed grounds in which you are covering are in memory of some very courageous men and women. Every inch for someone other than ourselves, those whom we honor by walking for them. Sort of makes me think of the saying, those who plant the trees aren't aiming to sit under it's shade. Each year we have seen the momentum grow, The Chewning 4 intertwined within our community team of Pink Patriots and a team of It's The Journey participants. We are so blessed to be a part of this and to have learned from our children the importance of such. Just to think, if they hadn't met the precious Jenny Benson though school, we may never know the glory of being able to give back to such an important cause.

Since our first year of walking and collecting donations we have hosted a dinner in which people paid a cover and were fed a wonderful meal enjoying the fellowship of others. We offered raffle items where everyone seems to take home something fun even if just the pride from supporting such a wonderful cause. IF YOU BUILD IT THEY WILL COME, rings so true as we enter our 5th year and have stretched this dinner from 40 (almost half were family) people to over 200 with the help of some amazing sponsors. Our community is helping us grow this awesome fundraiser in so many ways, it's truly become an honor to spearhead it. This year we raise our glasses to those who have walked the journey with us, Mellow Mushroom- Conyers, All Season's Rental- Conyers, Jim N' Nick's- Conyers, Jeff & Greta Beech of Cross & Crown Pavilion in Conyers and we have added Tin Plate of Conyers in 2019. We could never have found this much success without them.

Consider joining us this year for a fabulous meal, drinks, raffles and fellowship all accompanied by one terrific band, Chris, Jon & Scott of Covington. You won't want to miss this night. Please email us for details at or make a donation to our site

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