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45 and flying high!

Today I find myself celebrating my 45th Birthday, yes celebrating! I've come to appreciate waking up every single day. I thank God for allowing me to recharge over night so that I can face each day with the desire, drive and decision to be my best me each and every time I wake.

I decided a couple years ago to post on my birthday the things I learned the year before so consider yourself lucky to be able to read this :)

Forty Four Taught Me...

* Writing down what I am thankful for reminds me all that I have.

* Smiling at people as I pass them by charges my batteries.

* Sharing kindness never hurts anyone, it actually may be a saving grace to someone unbeknownst to you.

* Challenging myself really drives me.

* Pushing myself to do something I'm scared of makes me a better person.

* I am still fully capable of learning, that surprised me most.

* I was put on this earth to help people and every single step in my journey has prepared me for who I am becoming today.

* If you challenge me, consider it GAME ON!

* Removing myself from the lives of negative people is a blessing. Some folks will never see the glass half full, it's always going to be half empty.

* I've stopped expending energy on things that do not bring me joy. Professional football is one of those things...LOL

* Beginning a new career in a totally different direction with the support of so many friends and my family has just given me the most incredible feeling of love and appreciation.

* If you don't ask for it, you'll never know if you could have it.

* Prayer changes things, I've always known this but have a much bigger appreciation for it now.

* God is sometimes answering other's prayers with me.

* Losing your good friend and her baby is excruciating but not near as hard for me as it is for her immediate family.

* God is always the answer!

* Selling homes is a new passion and way for me to help people chase their dreams.

* My children and husband are my breath, my heartbeat, my peace.

Forty Five is a welcome number in my life, I'm thankful to have gotten this far, I'm thankful for the journey I am on and I pray that this year will be monumental for my family and I.

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