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What's for dinner? No, really.

Where do you want to eat?

In our house we play games when it’s time to pick dinner because we all hate picking. So, when we are all together this is how it goes, name three, the one which is suggested the most is the winner. Sounds simple right? NOPE, not in the Chewning house. Everyone names the ONE place they want to go and two heinous places they wouldn’t eat even if it was the last available food on earth. Boston Market, Piccadilly, that one place no one can pronounce, places that are out of business, the mafia looking place on 138…just to name a couple. We keep ourselves entertained with this silly way we pick the one of three places we do actually eat on a regular basis. All because no one wants to make the decision.

Do you ever stop to think about all the things you’re indecisive with? I know for me it’s something I’ve been working to improve. I want to make decisive decisions because I’ve done my homework and know which direction, I need to go based on the outcome I am aiming for. If I want beer I go to Mellow, if I want liquor, I go to Jim N’ Nicks or Flores I mean, who says food has to be how you choose??? Seriously though, think about the actions you take daily either in your home, your commute, your work, etc. How are the decisions you’re making or rather, not making effecting your ability to move in the right direction? I find that in a lot of situations people defer decision making because they don’t like change. It didn’t work once before so never try it again. There’s no way a computer can do it as good as I do, I don’t want to learn anything new. Holding ourselves back so that we in fact don’t have to work harder or smarter, the latter being the goal of change in the first place.

When you consider that each day,

we wake up we have a fresh opportunity to start again, take that and see how you can incorporate just a tiny bit of change for the benefit of improvement. An open mind has the ability to change the world even if it means just starting with the order of your morning routine.

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