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Where do you allow your imagination to lead you?

Every day is a new day and today, I share with you a piece of my imagination.

A couple years ago my husband sent me a text, just a blurb he made up because he knew I loved reading fiery novels that were filled with passion, power and mystery. Some people may have referred to it as sexting, LOL. At any rate, it revved something in me that I didn’t realize I was there. As an avid reader, several books a week, I dove into that reply like a shark would bloody waters. I immediately transferred my thoughts to my computer and let my fingers do the talking. I flew through the keys letting my imagination soar to levels I had not previously known I had. I was blowing my own mind and eventually I realized I might have something on my hands that would interest others. I’ve spent the last couple years playing with it and editing it repeatedly. I’m a huge car junkie and when money is no object, let’s just say I’ve changed my characters cars twenty times. So unnecessary, as most won’t pay attention to that detail but, I do. I also push myself to be as accurate as I can in the inevitability of the story. I read so much I get crazy lost in thought when the smallest things don’t add up. If you’re basing the story in Georgia, let it be about the real Georgia! So, with the push of several friends I am frantically working on my book again told from both his and her perspectives of a powerful middle-aged couple who have risen to the top off of their own hard work. To me, its going to appeal to an audience of people who can handle steamy scenes but long to see how money, power and success do not just belong to the corporate giants that suck the life out of people. Take a walk-through the lives of Cara and Colby Kendrick.

Cara and Colby live an exhilarating life, the couple everyone admires and strives to be like, successful, immensely happy, involved in their kids’ lives and share what they have to make a difference in as many lives as possible. They enter the room and the electricity between the two crackles as a winter fire and brings warmth to the soul. She’s a bombshell with flame red hair and gorgeous green eyes. He’s tall, dark and handsome towering over most in the room they ooze sexual charm like no one you’ve ever met. Successful and powerful businesses partners in the beginning, both currently running billion-dollar corporations in the heat and thriving metropolis of Atlanta, Ga. Living in the burbs raising two kids is a priority for them both but protecting those kids’ lives with every ounce of their being from danger was never something they thought they would have to endure.

After a romantic weekend away, they find that they are in engulfed in fear, who would have guessed that a tiny part of his childhood would bring about one of the scariest times in their lives. Right in the midst of a major business deal for Cara, the dynamic duo is fighting with everything they have to protect what they love most. Holland and Harper Kendrick. Travel through this treacherous time with the Kendrick’s as they put their, love, brains and their power to work to nail the freak that’s chasing their dreams with a passion to kill.

A work in progress that will soon be available to everyone. Please help me share my website and get the word out. Peace.

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