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Idle~ is that what I am or am I just doing what makes me happy?

The true definition of idle when defined as a verb is as follows:


(of a person) spend time doing nothing; be idle.

"four men were idling outside the shop"


do nothing, be inactive, vegetate, sit back, take it easy, rest on one's oars, mark time, kick one's heels, twiddle one's thumbs, kill time, languish, laze (around/about), lounge (around/about), loll (around/about), loaf (around/about), slouch (around/about);

go to seed, degenerate, molder, stagnate;

informalhang around, veg out;

informalhang about, mooch about/around, slummock;

informalbum around, bat around/about, lollygag, lay on one's oars

Lately, there have been several things I have been sitting idle on. I guess I’ve gotten lazy, I’m taking a break from the hustle I tell myself. What does that hurt? Well, my bank account for starters…lol! Seriously though, over the past few years I have worked my full-time job, I’ve had a part time job cleaning a church which I share with my husband and I’ve hustled for two direct sales companies, currently down to one company that I’m very happy with. I’m a natural at sharing and selling, I have come to learn I am not a master at closing. I struggle with wanting to be authentic, I do not want to reach out to people without transparency or with an underlying meaning. I see how the system works, yes you know it’s a system, that’s the art of marketing. However, within my most recent company I see lives changing. Products that change someone’s well being, their physical being and their desires to be healthier and stronger. I have no problem believing in the products, I will not be without them as they have changed me too. I feel better than ever and I want to share that. BUT, with authenticity, not smoke in mirrors. So, I struggle, I find myself idle and in constant conversation with myself as to which direction to follow.

What I do like to focus on is philanthropy, I am good at this and, I don’t mind saying so. I am very good at raising money for a great cause because my passion is clear, my emotion shows and my desire for change is a challenge I won’t sit idle on. Therefore, I know it’s what I’m supposed to focus on. Not only can I work to raise money, but I can also work to raise awareness on the causes that are near and dear to my heart.

I'll leave you with this little gem I found on FB this am and after looking into it on Snopes, the story that goes along with this list is bogus. In my life I have found that certain things, I just cannot sit idle from, others I can hence #3 and #4 LOL. But I need to keep them on the list because they need to be done. However, I draw energy from the others, energy that doesn’t allow me to sit idle for long. The list however brings me peace even though it’s missing my number one which is my source for all that fall below it, God.

The six best doctors in the world. 1. Sunlight 2. Rest 3. Exercise 4. Diet 5. Self-confidence 6. Friends

Keep them in all stages of life and enjoy a healthy life. Love the people God sent you, one day he’ll need them back. ~ Author unknown because it’s circled the web so many times it’s hard to properly pay tribute.

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