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Falling Leaves...

As fall rolls in it's like I come alive, after July 4th comes and goes I am READY! I know many people love summer, especially those in areas where it stays cold but me, I'm a fall and spring girl. Both seasons bring on daily change and in most things I don't love change, I prefer routine. The older I get the more I see that in myself however, when it comes to life, I don't generally approve of change. So many things going this fall, it's festival time, the apples are ready to be picked, pies are to be made and Christmas is on the horizon. Additionally, I'm in the process of selling my parents home for the past 14 years, not my childhood home of course but nevertheless, still so much to conquer in the process. Both of my parents are "neat" keepers of things. So much to give away, sell and filter through, what goes with the new house? What's not going to match the new décor, what do family members want? It's A LOT!

As someone who worked int he assisted living world for over a decade, it's best to start downsizing the day your bring something new home. Trust me, for many, your entire life gets whittled down to a small room or space in someone else's dwelling. As things change and life moves along getting rid of things that don't hold significant value to you rather a weight, frees you. Trust me, I watched a documentary on Netflix called Minimalism. MacKay laughs at me to this day because I cleaned and cleared out for two straight weeks. It really made me think of all the things I hold onto and does anyone beyond me really have the same value of that item as I do. Does anyone want it down the road. Yes, it's hurtful when people don't put that same value on a material item but it's a fact. What matters to me be it a favorite painting or a memory I want to share, doesn't mean the same to others. I've witnessed many people downsize as a Realtor, for some it's simple, just get rid of it. For others it's like taking a lollypop from a toddler after they behaved in the doctors office, every item earned!

So, as fall enters think of the things you can release much like a tree releases it's leaves each year making room for new growth. We continue to grow and find freedoms we didn't know were there once we release that which ties us down.

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