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I AM...

Updated: May 10, 2019

I am… a motivated woman

I am… a blessed

I am… loved

I am… a woman who dreams

I am… a woman who wants more

I am… a woman who is running towards more!

Say that to yourself, I AM, and follow it up with several things and lift up your own spirits. I have found that I pride myself in being happy and looking at the bright side. I always feel like my mom’s saying “it will come out in the wash” has carried me through adulthood. In some situations, I have probably appeared to be naive while in others inspirational. I have always had a very strong faith that things will work out. Maybe not how I originally envisioned but, in the end, I’ll generally see that it worked out for the best.

Take losing a job, for an example. There have been times in not only mine but also my husband’s life where we have lost jobs due to downsizing or idiot bosses, because of course we never make mistakes, LOL! However, at the time, we briefly thought the world was coming to an end, we both worried emphatically that we wouldn’t be able to pay the car payment or the mortgage, let alone all the supplies for our diabetic child or medical bills for our youngest daughter. We hit the panic level and literally got up off our asses and found jobs in record time. Let me say, neither of us have degrees, just good ole on the job experience which makes it twice as hard this day in age. We sell ourselves with our on the job training, our determination to be the best we can be for the job we are applying for and for some that’s priceless and for others it is equivalent to NOTHING! None of the past experiences, mine much more recent than my husbands haven’t been without a solid back up plan! You know the kind, I’ll start waiting tables again, I’ll go to the hardware store, etc. Never a thought of going an extended period without being able to provide for our family. Neither of us are the type of people to sit around, we need to stay productive, focused and positive.

Optimism is a way of life for me and has carried me through the toughest times of my life. Sure, I’ve questioned God, who doesn’t? In fact, I have a feeling most “non-believers” are just people lost who haven’t either had an ah-ha moment and realized that God and only God is responsible for the miracle they just received, OR something has happened that has caused them to question God’s actions therefore leading them to no longer believing. Sad to me but, all I know is keep sharing my story, my miracles, my faith and maybe one day they will realize how wonderful their world can be; living within the Trinity. Waking up daily and finding reasons to be happy, the sun is out, my car cranked in the cold, I caught all the green lights, my daughter passed her test, I didn’t burn the rolls at dinner, I didn’t pee my pants waiting at the restroom…always something to be thankful and happy about, some just have to listen more and look harder.

So, tell yourself I AM today and add some positive flow behind it, I bet there is more than you realize.

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