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Shift WHAT?

In November of 2018 I won a slot in a social training weekend with some incredible leaders within my company. These were ladies who took the basic idea of direct sales to the extreme and not only grew their business, their footprint in life but also their confidence and desires. Humbled to see 15 ladies most from vastly different walks of life all chasing one dream, JOY! I was blown away by the ladies I had the opportunity to be a sponge around. I soaked up as much knowledge as I could and made a vow to myself that weekend that change was on the horizon. This was digging much deeper than I ever had before and I realized that in downtown Atlanta, on a traffic riddled highway and the sound of Wayne Dyer in my speakers. Backing up a bit, earlier that day I picked up a journal that one of the ladies had, with her permission I flipped through it. I had been looking for one and had seen this one online and had some interest. In speaking further with her she was telling me how the Law of Attraction Journal was something she wanted to use to keep herself accountable and was working on building that. Through our weekend and conversations I learned that she studied this Law of Attraction in depth and man when I tell you she was the most positive lady I had ever had the honor of meeting....she truly is! She had given me two suggestions on movies to watch, one was The Shift and and the other The Secret. Where had I been, why hadn't I heard of these other than seeing the name of one on the streaming site I used. Fast forward a couple hours as I was driving thru Tennessee home I dialed it up on my phone and set it aside while I listened via blue tooth. I was literally brought to tears with the profound lightning bolt of reality that was hitting me as I realized he was speaking directly to me. I realized at that moment that I was at that moment in the Shift of my life. I immediately felt that my source, God, was talking to me through Wayne.

I know that in life we get what we give, I've always heard that and tried to generally be a good person for that reason. Of course I still have my flaws but I do try to have balance and appreciation for all that I have.

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