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Are you the sunflower or the background?

Catchy enough title for you? Looking at this picture of myself what I see first is the sunflower. When this picture was taken I was attending a leadership retreat where I was learning from some of the best in my business. I was making friends with total strangers and taking away some of life's greatest lessons. On this trip I bonded with several but felt that two women really stood out in a way that their spirits truly spoke to me. I've always been a believer in an awesome and powerful God but I used to work with someone who too was a christian but believed in the power of our universe. She used to say things like "I've got to put it out to the universe" and I never really understood what she meant by that. Fast forward a few years and I meet these two awesome women who just seemed to glow, I was drawn to them in a way that I cannot explain and to this day, I look up to them and feel as if they will be life long friends. Both come from different worlds but their spirituality appears to be unshakable in the most flattering way. Both also spoke of the universe in the way my former co-worker did.

I wasn't really sure what they meant by that until I followed what they suggested I watch a movie called "The Shift" and learned more about The Law of Attraction. I had previously been looking at a new calendar or way to organize my business and thoughts and that stood out to me. This was a sign! The two combined really gave me a different perspective and opened doors for me mentally and spiritually. NOW I live by the mantra that what I give, I get. That's the simplest form of saying it.

Neither of those women are outspoken to a point that they draw negative attention to themselves, you know those kind, we all do. But not door mats either, they seem to speak up and what comes out of them flows like the Nile River. As if they rehearsed for casual conversation, everything is meaningful and brings value to the room. Something I am learning in my 44th year and working hard to accomplish daily. Especially when it comes to social media. What are we using it for anyway, a dumping ground for dirty laundry, gossip, anger? Who knows, blows me away at the crap people will post. I personally gasp at some of the straight up sh!t I used to post when it pops up in my memories. I struggle to think who I was and at what point I was back then. I can see my personal growth. I have focused more on putting value and positive vibes out into the world hoping, praying it will manifest into something I can be proud of.

I've always walked into a room and turned heads, not because I have the looks of a Greek Goddess with flame red hair but mostly because I'm six foot one, since the ninth grade. SMH! Although I've never blended in by looks or quite possibly by my once very outspoken nature, I never really focused on standing out for the right reasons. Until now. Now I want to stand out and be known for being a flower in a field of weeds, I want to be what people notice for all the good things I carry with me and surround myself with. I want to be more like the ladies I now call friends, people who can give of themselves even when they are not trying. They are the sunflower in a room and don't even realize the brilliance of the light they are shining. Now there is nothing wrong with blending in, definitely something I, well my husband and I pride ourselves in when it comes to giving. We never, I mean never want kudos or to be called out, in a good way for the things we do for others. In a world of "catch it on camera so it counts" we want the things we do for others to fly under the radar. Choose to stand out where you will but remember blending in isn't always a bad thing!

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