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The Melt!

Updated: May 10, 2019

I've battled my weight most of my adult life, I still remember the day I woke up and noticed stretch marks on my lower abdomen...aka, BELLY! I am fair skinned, it's a fact of life and for me it totally sucked pre-pregnancy to have stretch marks. Now that I have babies, well teenagers I can blame the ugly worms dancing across my belly on them, battle wounds. That and the hail damage on my ass! At any rate, as a 43.5-year-old woman I finally decided enough was enough. When I looked at pictures I saw this person I didn’t recognize from the mirrors I look in daily to make sure my spanks clad gut was under cover, my muffin top was concealed as much as possible and my boobs didn’t look bigger than my head; more on that another day. When I looked in the mirror I made sure my hair looked good, on good days blown out with soft waves, on bad days in a messy bun. I didn’t see that person I was deathly afraid of in pictures, you know, the ones other people take of you that don’t catch your “flattering angle”, they swear it’s cute and then post it all over social media. Then you log on and BAM! Hits you like a ton of bricks, so you make yourself feel better by eating more.

We live in a world now that preaches positive body image and while I could not agree more for me, Carrie Chewning, middle aged woman who hides her obesity well at 6’1”, a healthy body is the one I’m after, I could care less how that’s accepted in society. We know Marilyn Monroe was the epitome of beauty in her day, then you see the match sticks that walk around now and wonder how the hell we got there. Who said everyone had to be a bobble head? I certainly don’t want to be, but I would love to slide back into those size 14 Gap jeans I used to wear or better yet, the 12’s I wore pre-marriage. That’s two sizes from where I am on this day and it’s a worthy goal. Who doesn’t want to weigh what their drivers license says? DUH, did you tell the truth, tell me you didn’t! I’m moving into a world of a healthier, happier, more energized me, it’s as if the fog has been lifted and I feel as though I’m 25 only with the life experience of a 40 something, which by the way I believe is the best spot ever.

Chase your happy whether it’s a healthy happy or a positive body image happy. I personally wanna be around for a long time to come so I’m working on healthy and melting it away!

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